Liz Honer

Business Development Consultant

Liz's role involves:

Liz acts as the first point of contact between Marmion and companies we feel we can best support. As a result of Liz’s extensive experience within the industry she will naturally adopt a gently gently approach to introducing Marmion and its’ services to potential clients who may need to outsource some or all parts of their recruitment activities. The role is primarily investigative in its nature so it’s important for Liz to understand and establish whether or not Marmion is best placed to identify good people on behalf of the business.

Prior to Marmion:

Marmion is a permanent recruitment agency and based on Liz’s pervious experience as a Business Recruitment Manager responsible for Public Sector permanent recruitment it makes her ideally placed to provide the right amount of insight to potential businesses into how we operate. She really gets what we do, and because we love her ethics we confidently trust her with our brand.

What Liz brings to the team:

As described Liz is very ethical and has the level of integrity needed to talk about what Marmion does best, place really good people into really good companies. She can advise with authenticity and we feel she really does represent us and Marmion well. She is also an excellent trainer and following one of her sessions we all feel so much more confident about doing what, lets face it, a lot of people dread doing ‘Asking for business’!

Liz on working for Marmion:

Janet’s approach to recruitment shines through as a genuine desire to assist in making quality matches between candidates and clients, providing a reliable and thoughtful process which is a breath of fresh air. Her team have been well trained to a high level and follow this ethical and person focused approach which their clients will appreciate leads to much better long lasting placements. I have seen how she clearly cares deeply about making the process work well and the testimonials for clients and candidates speak for themselves. Having worked in this industry personally too I have no hesitation in recommending Marmion Recruitment.

She'll let you in on a secret...

We didn’t ask Liz to reveal this as some things are just best kept to oneself. We will one day 🙂 However, we all agree that Liz is our best kept secret!