Luke's role involves:

My role as a Recruitment Consultant means I am involved in the full recruitment process from start to finish. I provide consultancy services to all clients (employer and candidates) by developing a strong understanding of requirements set by both parties. Significant aspects of the service is to fully assess the role and the impact it has on the business, and then to assess the skills, experience and most productive environment of the candidate to ensure I make an informed decision on whether or not to facilitate the introduction of both parties concerned.

Prior to Marmion:

Prior to Marmion I worked for a recruitment agency called Badenoch + Clark where I spent a year recruiting into the public sector for HR, Marketing & Communications roles. In this role I was involved in the full recruitment process, building new and lasting relationships with clients and candidates. During my time at Badenoch + Clark I worked on a secondment for Amazon which gave me an insight into a very fast paced environment and allowed me to recruit for roles across the UK, France, Spain and Germany. This allowed me to develop my skills further and work in geographical areas I would not normally have the capacity to.

What Luke brings to the team:

I bring a positive attitude to the team as I always look for the best in situations, this allows me to remain upbeat in any environment. I am focused in growing my career and taking it to the next level so I am constantly striving to learn any new skills where I can. I will always give 100% to whatever task I am working on as I aim to get the best result possible.

Luke on working for Marmion:

Since working in recruitment I have always been keen to work towards career progression while delivering a genuine and authentic service, joining Marmion has allowed me to find a company who share the same beliefs. During my time in Marmion I have been able to able to learn different skills that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my career. Working for Marmion has given me a sense of excitement as I am seeing the companies plans for future and I can’t wait to be a part of that.